About Us

PT. Transalindo Eka Persada is an ASME and MIGAS Certified company, have entered into an exclusive technical co-operation arrangement to tap the business potential in Oil and Gas processing and power sectors in Indonesia Sub-continent.

Resident Contractor to support in-house activities which stationed in the shop :

  • Blasting and Painting
  • NDT
  • Insulation
  • Transportation & Shipping
  • Machine Shop.


PT. Transalindo Eka Persada is committed in providing a healthy and save work place for employees.

The company will address occupations health and Safety on an equal priority to quality, production, and cost.

The company will constantly strive to eliminate hazards, which could result in personal illness, injuries, property damage, fires, explosions, loss of process and environmental degradation.

Accidental loss can be controlled through the efforts of management in combination with active employee involvement.

The following responsibilities are essential to the success of this policy.
Management is responsible to:

Integrate Occupational Health and Safety into all aspect of the workplace thought the continuous improvement process.
Promote communication about Occupational Health and Safety as normal component of all aspects of work
Plan, develop implement and monitor the occupational Health and Safety program.
Take effective action to provide and maintain a health and safe workplace.

Employees are responsible to:

Work in health and safe manner and encourage other to do the same.
Discourage other from working in unsafe manner.
Co-operate with, support, and promote Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace.
Report or rectify any substandard practices or conditions that come to their attention.
Perform their jobs properly in accordance with established procedures.

We trust that all of you will joint me in personal commitment to Continuous Improvement Process


Always complying with Customer’s Requirements, Defined Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008, Statutory and Regulator requirements in order to achieve the Customer Satisfaction.
Develop Competent Human Resource, discipline, reliable and responsible persons.
Implement an effective and efficient production process in order to assure the achievement of company’s objectives and targets.
Reduce defect and reworks of products or process during the operation.
Develop process and doing continual improvement referring to the Quality Management System.

This Quality Policy has to be understood, implemented and maintained by all employees of PT. Transalindo Eka Persada.

Batam, 5 January 2009

Ir. V. Dwijatmoko
Executive Director